Say Goodbye to Cables and Wires Forever!

The CrazyBaby inc and their Brand-New Air wireless Hi-Fi in-ear headphones, also called earbuds, are delivering the new Carbon Nanotubes technology for crisp and clearest sound possible. The huge appreciation for these high-tech small wireless earphones will come mostly from the amateur and professional musicians, who need the perfect sound for their work, composing and playing music, but also for the people with any profession like professional drivers, athletes, or marketers. From our research that we’ve done earlier this week, Air, are the best wireless headphones on the market today.

Best Wireless Earphones

Wireless Technology and Science

Wireless headphones are not any new technology, it’s been around for a few years, but it never got really viral or mega popular. And when talk about wireless technologies, it’s not just headphones. When you think about it, first time developed, tested, and proved wireless transmission of energy was successfully achieved by Nikola Tesla, about almost 100 years ago, and not many people know it because it’s been suppressed and locked in a treasury safe-box by people who owned the most of the iron and copper mines, obviously.

Now, back to presence.

Super Small, Futuristic, and Absolutely Stunning Design

Wireless Headphones Air By CrazyBaby Inc

Air wireless earbuds are also very stylish, and from my opinion surpassing any other brand with their innovating and futuristic design. The headphones are controlled by one button situated in the middle of each earbud, so you can easily switch from music to the incoming phone-call and back. The built-in super sensitive microphone is also one of the big innovations.

Mobile Charging Depot For Wireless Earphones

Each earphone is powered by a micro-battery and could be recharged by placing the headphones into the mobile charging depot. The original battery life of Air wireless headphones was 3 hours, but because of high demand from investors and backers to increase the battery life, the company had to compromise and deliver the longer lasting battery life, which as you probably can imagine, must be a huge deal because of the very limited size of battery. But they promised to get onto that and improve things as much as possible.

The Best Wireless Sound Technology

We passionately designed a larger-than-life acoustic system by utilizing a carbon nanotube diaphragm. As a result of this design, the speaker driver is compact and durable, with the ability to deliver ultra-fast responses for elegant, sophisticated sound.

With a water-resistant rating of IPX6, Air will always be ready for the unexpected – whether you’re training for a marathon or shredding a double black diamond.

Customizable Size of Ear Canal Area Tips

To guarantee a secure, comfortable fit for every user, we scanned and analyzed hundreds of ears. Then created a variety of size combinations to fit them.  Additionally, we created three “Sports Sleeves” for using with strenuous exercise – made with using medical-grade silicone, these sleeves are ultra-light and skin-friendly.

Best Customizable In Ear Headphones

Public Release

The official public release of the Air Wireless in-Ear Headphones is still unknown to the public. Originally scheduled in January 2017, but it’s been delayed because of the redesigning of the battery for longer life capacity. So, possibly we could expect at least 3 months delay, as they have already 21K of orders from early backers, meaning that they have to redesign 42K of batteries, and it’s not a small number.

With that said, please be patient and come back to this site for the update on public release date, Thank You!

(attributes: Some info and content, sourced from CrazyBaby Inc.)